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Happy Days. The beginning...

The idea

Happy Days Costa del Sol is based on an idea thought up by Pascal Van Den Broek and Sean Henry of the Pasean Group. Being family men, the guys were continually looking for places to take their families where everybody could have a great time. This is where the idea of combining an American street food style diner, an all-weather ice rink and a mini golf course came from. Everything in one place, great!

But how can you get an outdoor ice rink in the heat of Marbella? Being big sports fans, the guys at the Pasean Group remembered hearing about synthetic ice rinks being used in the National Hockey League in the USA - eureka! After many hours of frantic Googling, they found a supplier in Europe – Happy Days! We found synthetic ice rink supplier – Xtraice - in Seville of all places. Who'd have thought it?

Next on the list was the American style diner. This was sourced and built in the USA and transported to Germany (Europe) to be fitted with all the latest high tech kitchen equipment that you would expect in a modern restaurant kitchen. As well as being a classic piece of design, the Airstream diner really added the American flavour and the authenticity that the guys were looking for. Two down, one to go!

The mini golf course was the final piece of the jigsaw. A supplier was found in Spain quite easily, but how could we make it different? A pirate theme of course me hearties - Aghhh! The golf course was designed and built especially for Happy Days with this theme in mind, and has turned out better than anyone could have wished for. In order to make it that little bit special - you have to earn your pieces of eight - each hole has been designed with its own difficulty level, so it truly is great fun for all ages.

Following 6 months of hard but massively enjoyable work, Happy Day's was launched. We hope you all love it as much as we do!

Great food, ice skating till late, mini golf and live sports. Fun for all the family all year round - Happy Days!

Our mission

The Happy Day's ethos is to provide our customers with great entertainment in a family friendly and safe environment. Our food is made using only the freshest ingredients perfectly blended together to create a menu of delicious American style fast food specifically designed by our great chefs. Our aim is to cater for the whole family, and we have done this by integrating ice skating and mini golf attractions on our premises. Our ice rink was made using eco-friendly products and no harmful by products are released into the atmosphere, and no electricity or water is needed to keep it running. The mini golf course has been made with sustainable products and materials, so you can be sure we have the environment's best interests at heart.

What more could you want for a great day of fun family entertainment…and with big screens showing live sport, even Dad will love Happy Days.